Giveways That Include a Night on a Party Bus

I was trying to think of some fun prize packages that we could give away at this winter’s company party. My husband and I started our company nearly 20 years ago, and we could not have made it where we are today without the help of all of our employees. Because of that, we always try to outdo ourselves with prizes that we give away. I started to think about things that I enjoy, and I remembered the last time I was on a Toronto party bus. It was just a few months ago, and I was on it because of a friend’s bachelorette party.

We had such fun, and I thought that might be a nice gift to give away. While we used it for her final days of being a single woman, I knew that others could use it for whatever they wanted. Continue reading →

East or west, Guilin landscape is best

East or west,Guilin landscape is best Just as the popular Chinese saying goes “East or west,Guilin landscape is best.” When we came to pad by in the little wooden boat o appreciate the beautiful scenery of Guilin and water was slopping around in the bottom of the boat. ?Although, I have seen the sea surging high and sweeping forward and have appreciated the hyaline Xihu Lake, I haven’t seen such kind of water. It was so calm that you could not be aware of the move of the boat.

East or west, Guilin landscape is best

East or west,Guilin landscape is best Just as the popular Chinese saying goes “East or west,Guilin landscape is best.” When we came to pad by in the little wooden boat o appreciate the beautiful scenery of Guilin and water was slopping around in the bottom of the boat. ?Although, I have seen the sea surging high and sweeping forward and have appreciated the hyaline Xihu Lake, I haven’t seen such kind of water. It was so calm that you could not be aware of the move of the boat. It was so limpid that you could see the sand and pebbles at the bottom of the river. It was so green that as if it was a flawless jade. The paddles caused ripples then spread away, making you really feel the sailing ahead of the boat and removing backwards of the shore.

Chinese Mountains and Water Painting

Having climbed the grand?Mount Taishan;

Chinese Mountains and Water Painting

Having visited?the Fragrant Hill?filled with fiery red leaves;

Chinese Mountains and Water Painting

but having not seen such kind of mountains in Guilin so unique and exotic. High-rising mountains soar from the land separately, or old-people-like, or huge-bull-elephant-like, or camel-like, so marvelous and exotic as they were. How peculiar and beautiful the mountains are like green-jade screen, like the new emerging bamboo shoots brightly. They were reflected in the water. How steep and dangerous they were! Filled with a large amount of jagged rocks in grotesque shapes as if carelessly and accidentally would drop down to the ground. Such groups of mountains surround such kind of water, and such water reflects such mountains, as well as clouds and mist in the sky, and prosperous trees and vivid flowers in the forests, and bamboo raft and rowboat on the river, as if walking in the hand-scroll of painting. Just as the verse goes “the rowboat sails on bluish waves and people walking in the picture.”

Chinese Mountains and Water Painting

About GuilinGuilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin.If you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every year many tourists come to Guilin for a visit. You can take a boat to see the scenes of the Li River. You can also visit the scenic spots in the city on free buses.You will enjoy yourself if you go to Guilin.

What Can Vacationers Do To Reduce The Effects Of Jet Lag When They Travel On Airline Flights?

Many medical experts have found that air travelers usually experience a worse bout of jet lag when they fly from east to west. In general, the more time zones that they cross, flying from east to west, the more severe their symptoms of jet lag will be.

Many medical experts have found that air travelers usually experience a worse bout of jet lag when they fly from east to west. In general, the more time zones that they cross, flying from east to west, the more severe their symptoms of jet lag will be. However, airline passengers will only experience a milder bout of jet lag when their air flights are going from west to east.

Travelers can fly north and south, or south to north, for thousands of miles without experiencing any jet lag. But as soon as the pilot of the airplane starts to fly in an east to west direction and crosses more than one or possibly two time zones, they can experience jet lag.

Passengers will not usually experience the symptoms of jet lag until they exit the plane. That is the time when their biological clocks will start to make internal adjustments inside their bodies to coincide more closely with the local time at their destination. If air travelers cross one, or even two time zones, their bodies can usually adjust very quickly. However, if a traveler is in poor health or not feeling well before the flight, jet lag can compound the problem. In general, you should allow one day to recover for every time zone your airline flight crosses.

The following suggestions may help you lessen the effects of jet lag when you fly.

If you can, try and get a good night’s sleep the night before you fly. It’s better to be well rested and relaxed before flying.

Eye shades, earplugs, and blow-up neck rests or pillows will help with your physical comfort. It is a good idea to turn the air nozzle above your seat off to prevent the cold air from blasting down on you. You may want to ask a flight attendant for a blanket to cover up so you don’t get cold.

An aisle seat is a better choice if you tend to get swollen feet and legs when you fly. It is easier to get up and walk back and forth up and down the aisle occasionally to keep the circulation moving in your legs. This will help prevent deep-vein thrombosis which can occur if the circulation in your legs gets obstructed or cut off for any length of time. This is a serious medical condition that can happen when you fly.

Try to catch a flight that arrives at your vacation destination in daylight hours. Immediately fit in with the new time zone and do not go to bed. If you feel tired and want to take a short snooze, do it in a well lighted place.

In the evening, when you are tired, go to sleep in a darkened room. The darkness will help prepare your brain for sleep.

If you can, avoid looking at television or computer screens as they are bright and have high frequencies that can easily over-stimulate your brain.

Until your jet lag symptoms subside, do not consume alcohol or any drinks such as coffee and soda that contain caffeine, as they can disrupt your sleep.

You may want to consider taking a melatonin tablet or capsule (as many air travelers do) in the early evening (your time) to help you adjust to the time zone at your destination. You may still have to take a dose of melatonin for the next three or four evenings in a row before you go to bed in this new location to help you readjust your biological clock. If you have never taken melatonin before, you should ask your doctor or local pharmacist for more information in regards to the suggested dosage.

There is also a product called No-Jet-Lag in convenient tablet form available in some international airports, pharmacies and travel related stores in North America, Europe, Australia and New ZealandHealth Fitness Articles, as well as in Asia. This is a homeopathic remedy that is safe and effective. Follow the suggested dosage on the bottle for the best results.

East Coast To West Coast — Use Reliable Car Transportation

If you’ve been thinking about a West Coast to East Coast vehicle transport, or shipping the old classic over to Hawaii for instance, then the best thing you can do is to get a quote for the total costs asap. With that figure in mind, you can then check out refs and info on and about the reliability of the company you may be considering.

If these first details go smoothly then the likelihood of the transport going the same way, increases. This is a speedy way to find out this vital info, especially if you’ve never used a vehicle shipping company before. Because moving a car thousands of miles from the East Coast to the West Coast, for instance, could get complicated, you will want reliable transport folks to take care of all of the details. With the large network of roadways we have now, plus improvements ongoing to those roads, it definitely pays to have pros take care of your vehicle shipping needs. You may have thought that door to door transportation of a vehicle wasn’t possible. Using an enclosed trailer, while a bit more costly, can help, if the vehicle you own is an antique in fragile condition.

Some of the best transport methods use enclosed trailers. It’s still possible to still get good transport for your car via other methods, but you can also save some money using something other than enclosed trailers. An excellent transport company that has access to other shipping companies and their schedules and routes, may quote the best prices, because they are able to make best use of the transport rigs available, therefore saving you money. It all has to happen fairly quickly so that quotes don’t expire.

When shipping a vehicle, do not leave any personal items in the vehicle. It’s not allowed, and they wouldn’t be covered by insurance anyway. A few pillows or blankets are fine. Get your quote first before calling the transport company. You can check via email, but figure out when and where you want the car to arrive, also, how fast you want it transported from the West Coast to the East Coast, or anywhere else. Then, type in the info and go get that quote. If you are at the shipping company’s website, look at a few refs and testimonials. They will assure you about the kind of company you will be dealing with, and entrusting your precious exoticFind Article, antique or classic car to.

East Meets West in Holidays to Turkey

Turkey offers a mix of East and West where Europe meets Asia. It also offers three seas, spectacular scenery, idyllic coastlines and fascinating history.

Turkey can offer more than most countries. For a start it’s in two continents, as Istanbul sits astride the Bosporus, with Europe to the west and Asia to the east.

However, Turkey is so much more: high mountains, breathtaking scenery, idyllic coastlines, sun, sea and sand, coupled with a historical background going back to man’s earliest civilisations. Holidays to Turkey can give you history, culture, or beaches and three seas: the Aegean to the west, the Mediterranean to the south and the Black Sea to the north.

Turkey’s history stretches back to the earliest humans – they way lived, walked and survived, and there is plenty of exciting archaeology to explore. As well as castles and mosques and ruins along the coasts, visit Ankara, the steep, winding streets of Ulus, the Kale Fortress and the Anatolian Civilisation Museum. Mixing west with east, Istanbul combines modern city boutiques with bustling exotic bazaars, imperial residences, Roman ruins, Christian churches and Islamic mosques in this secular country.

The landscape in Turkey can be spectacular, with worn volcanic rock cones, subterranean cities and houses carved out of rock, spilling down to matchless bays and coves on the coastline. If it’s a traditional beach vacation you’re after, then holidays to Turkey deliver again. The ‘Turquoise Coast’ on the Aegean Sea provides boat cruises, water sports, golden sand and, of course, the sun. Picturesque seaside resorts abound along Turkey’s Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which combine activity attractions with archaeological sites and museums, thereby catering for all tastes.

Turkish people are also renowned for their welcoming hospitalityFind Article, so holidays to Turkey will give you all you could be looking for in a vacation.

Property Prices In Andheri West Are Expected To Escalate In The Following Years

Andheri is a well-known area in Mumbai which is divided into east and west. The Mumbai metro which has been launched soon will be working between Versova, Ghatkopar and Andheri West.

Travelling will soon become easy for residents living in Andheri West. Andheri West is reputed for the well-planned infrastructure. You will find few of the best schools and colleges of the city in this locality. Swanky shopping malls and multiplexes lie in the vicinity. The reliable bus service will help you to stay well-connected with other parts of the city. Andheri Sports Complex is located on Veerra Desai Road in Andheri West.

About Andheri West

Andheri West is one of the largest residential areas in Mumbai which is home to the Parsee community. Some of the famous bakeries in the city are located in this area. te road which offers great connectivity to the residents is the SV road. Andheri West is connected to Borivali by the new Link Road. If you are on the lookout for a locality which is well connected to the airport and the station you can opt for Andheri West. Good hospitals, malls and theatre halls are located in this area. Amenities like food and medicine are just a call away.

A western suburb

If you invest in property in Andheri West you will enjoy staying in this location. It offers a cosmopolitan environment where the Lokhandwala Complex Market is just at a short distance. This area is surrounded by sky-scrapers and shopping malls. The prices in property in Andheri West are always appreciating. It is a happening locality where real estate has witnessed a boom. Infrastructural developments in Andheri West are an ongoing process. If you are planning to by your dream house in this location other parts of Mumbai will eb easily accessible through the road and rail routes.

Recent trends

In the last few years this suburb area has witnessed a sea of changes. New office spaces and infrastructure has come up. Andheri West is well connected to both the Santa Cruz and international airport. This Western Suburb is offering a plethora of choicers to investors of both upper and rich category. High-end buyers can invest in one of the best residential and commercial spaces which are located in Andheri West. Prices of locality in this region range around Rs. 21,154 per square feet to Rs. 22,294 per square feet.

Amenities you can enjoy

Key landmarks in the area are Juhu Circle, Infiniti Mall, Hansraj Morarji Public School and Lakshmi Industrial Estate. This place is buzzing with activities and is one of the most happening places in Mumbai. Reputed developers have launched their projects in Andheri West. You can enjoy the facilities of a swimming pool, jogging trackFree Reprint Articles, gymnasium and clubhouse in most of the housing facilities. You will not be disappointed by the civic infrastructure in Andheri West. As there is uninterrupted water and electricity supply in the area you will not face any problem after investing in Andheri West. If you want to gain high capital returns you can consider buying a property in this suburb.

What Kind of Car is for You?

When I was planning my wedding, I knew that I wanted to have a car service pick me up and take me to the church. I was having a very old style wedding, and the men were even wearing tails on their tuxedos. I wanted to speak with someone about the type of car I could get for my wedding so I went online and clicked on a link that said to view our site for party buses click here. When I clicked on the link, I found so many beautiful cars. I had no idea that there were so many different cars that could take you to your wedding. I was getting a little overwhelmed and I asked my sister what she thought of certain cars, but she would not tell me which one to get because she thought it was a personal choice. Continue reading →

Playing a Sound Around the City

I’m part of a band with a group of friends. We’ve been playing our instruments for over 9 years. We first met in a bar and were discussing music, when we talked about the different instruments that we played. We thought it would be a good idea to put our talents together and start a band. Recently, we had an even more brilliant idea of having a band on wheels. We rented one of the Toronto party buses from Diamond and rode around in it with our instruments. We made stops at locations with a lot of people and started playing for everyone.

Since none of our instruments use electricity, we can play without having to rely on an amp or microphones. We have some songs that we play on our stops, but sometimes we take requests from people who want to hear their favorite song. Continue reading →

St Augustine’s Zero Milestone – A Not-So-Spanish Old Spanish Trail

One of the things that I love about St. Augustine is the endless array of historic sites and places of interest. There are hundreds if not thousands of interesting bits of history that tourists walk by every day. Only some make an effort to learn about the things that they see. Others simply create a set of facts that sound like they know what they are talking about. I get a kick out talking to the tourists about some of these historic landmarks and listening to their theories about the things that they are seeing.

The zero milestone marker is one of the most misunderstood landmarks in St. Augustine. The marker is a six foot diameter coquina stone ball with a bronze plaque attached to it. Only the year “1928” which is inscribed on the plaque prevents the visitor from including the stone with St. Augustine’s nineteenth or eighteenth century historic lore. The plaque simply states that the monument marks the beginning of the Old Spanish Trail between St. Augustine and San Diego, California.

Many tourists conjure up a vision of Spanish missionaries and soldiers slogging their way from this marker across the United States to San Diego. The fact that the marker is dated 1928 does little to change their speculations. However, the facts are that the Old Spanish Trail did not have its origins in Spanish St. Augustine but in Mobile, Alabama. The City of Mobile developed as a French, not Spanish colony at Fort Louise de la Mobile.

In 1915, two north-south highways were planned – the Dixie and Jackson. Both highways would develop traffic from Northern tourists to Florida and New Orleans. The Jackson road was planned to cross Mississippi rather than Alabama on its route to New Orleans. As a result the Rotary Club of Mobile Alabama mounted an effort to lobby for the route to go through Alabama rather than Mississippi based on some statistics that demonstrated that although the route through Alabama was longer, more people would benefit. They were unsuccessful with their lobbying attempt the urgency to build an east-west route through Mobile became more important than ever. As a result, a plan to create an east-west highway that would link Mobile to New Orleans and Jacksonville and thereby connecting to both of the north-south highways was conceived.

The effort on the part of the Mobile Rotarians gained momentum and their objective was announced in 1915. Palmer Pillans, President of the Rotary Club promoted it as a highway that would connect cities in Florida with Mobile and the coast of California.

To enhance and romanticize the road it was called the Old Spanish Trail. Although it is true that the road would connect many Spanish initiated settlements the purpose was what today we would call marketing hype.

In any case the effort gained momentum only to be stalled by the World War I and some serious logistical problems created by natural barriers. By 1918 the project was literally dead in the water. In 1919 the Old Spanish Trial gained new life when the leadership of the product shifted to Texas. New leadership was elected. Harral B. Ayers became the Managing Director of the Old Spanish Trail Association. Beginning with the Texas routes, he worked hard and provided the leadership and political influence necessary to bring the project its fruition in 1929.

To celebrate the completion, the Old Spanish Trail Association hosed a huge party in St. Augustine where the zero mile marker was dedicated. At the conclusion of the event – a motorcade departed for a trip to San Diego. There were some who made it all the way and some who did not. However, the road continued to be promoted with all the hype that its coincidental Spanish connection could muster well into the 1960’s.

How to Drive in Branson, Missouri, Like a Local

Vacations are a time for fun, not driving hassles. Getting around the live music show town of Branson, Missouri, can be confusing and frustrating to new visitors unless they learn the layout beforehand.

The main routes have only two lanes plus a center turn lane, which are adequate much of the time. But during peak seasons, cars inch bumper-to-bumper on the main thoroughfare, known as The Strip. A 10-minute drive in non-peak times can stretch to 40 minutes or more on busy days. Branson’s peak seasons are Spring Break, summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day) and Christmas (November and December).

You can minimize the aggravation of driving in peak season when you learn the general layout of the Branson and its system of color-coded routes.

Branson Layout

The main east-west route, State Highway 76, runs west from the historic downtown along The Strip (which is lined with theaters, attractions, restaurants and lodging) toward the area’s popular theme park, Silver Dollar City. The length of The Strip is about 5 miles. Interstate 65 runs north-south between the historic downtown and The Strip. Springfield, Missouri, lies to the north and Harrison, Arkansas, to the south. Most visitors arrive in Branson via I-65.

Branson’s Color-coded Routes

Branson has four color-coded routes: the Green Route along The Strip, the Red Route along Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, the Yellow Route paralleling most of The Strip to the south, and the Blue Route just to the north of the much of The Strip.

Green Route: This is the most popular road in Branson because it runs through the popular Strip. The Green Route runs from Interstate 65, just west of downtown to West Branson. During the summer and Christmas peak seasons, especially before and after shows, traffic is bumper-to-bumper. (Typical show times are 10AM, 2PM and 8PM, and run two hours.) You can minimize your time in heavy traffic when you bypass The Strip on alternate routes and take cross streets to get to your destination.

Red Route: This is a great way to get across Branson quickly. Known as Shepherd of the Hills Expressway (until it crosses Interstate 65), the Red Route roughly parallels The Strip to the north. You’ll find several theaters and other attractions along it, especially at the west end. Much of the route winds through scenic hills covered with woods. You can also use it to go to Historic Downtown Branson and Branson Landing without getting on The Strip. Peace of mind and saving time more than compensate for some extra miles.

Yellow Route: Paralleling most of The Strip to the south, the Yellow Route runs past a combination of lodging, restaurants and attractions, as well as residential and undeveloped areas. It follows Green Mountain Drive, Wildwood Drive and Fall Creek Road. Populated with lots of timeshares and motels, a large segment of Green Mountain Drive gets its share of traffic congestion. But the route usually saves considerable driving time. If your destination is on The Strip, find the closest cross street that also intersects the Yellow Route. Your drive will be much easier. If your destination is downtown, you’ll eventually have to get on the Green Route, also known as The Strip.

Blue Route: This route runs east-west between the Green and Red Routes, and starts and finishes on The Strip. Several cross streets also connect this route with The Strip, offering faster options for getting to specific points on the popular thoroughfare. Following Roark Valley Road and the west portion of Gretna Road, most of the Blue Route winds past scenic woods, with residences hidden from view.

When you familiarize yourself with Branson’s color-coded routes and major cross streets, driving in and around Branson becomes easier, faster and pleasant.

For more than 20 years, Rose Muenker has written for both professional fulfillment and personal joy. She is an award-winning author, columnist and feature writer whose works have appeared in scores of magazines and newspapers. She is also a a writer coach and mentor who shares her talents, tips and techniques with those ready to turn their writing dream into reality.